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When you partner with United Way of McLean County, a vibrant, thriving future is possible for us all.

Community-wide change happens when the whole community is involved: individuals young and old, companies and organizations, churches and community groups. Together, we can close the service gaps that exasperate the struggle for fellow residents.

Impact Stories

A place for you.

You can make a life-changing difference for others! Be 180United for McLean County by attending events, engaging in our social community, donating, and volunteering. There’s a place for everyone.

When you partner with United Way of McLean County, pathways to prosperity open up across the community.
Be a Workforce180 Mentor Attend an Event

A place for your organization or company.

Your workplace can spark exponential change in our community! Your company could give directly or host an employee giving campaign. Your team could attend or sponsor one of our events. There are many ways your company can make a significant impact.

When companies and organizations like yours partner with United Way of McLean County, you open pathways to prosperity across the community.