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Meet Our Staff & Board

Working together for a more prosperous McLean County

Staff Members
David Taylor
President & CEO
Kathleen Lorenz
Community Investment Director
​​​​​​​Gloria Spinks
Administrative Assistant
​​​​​​​Tom Frazier
Workforce180 Director
Board of Directors
Cat Woods
Board Chair
Phani Aytam
Past Chair
Austin Maxwell
Cory Heim
Mary Bynum
Fundraising Chair
Dale Avery
CIC Chair
Laura O’Connor
Women United Chair
Sonja Reece
United Way of Illinois
Marty Behrens
Keith Cornille
Sean Fagan
Deanna Frautschi
Tim Gleason
Tim Ryan
Gail Saunders
Gary Tipsord

You make 180United possible


180United is about working together to open doors to real change for those who need it most. In addition to coordinating and convening resources and services for those in need, we also initiate innovative solutions that close service gaps between service partners.



We can’t do it without you


Your support creates meaningful change for others and opens real pathways for people to access education and career training, mental health support, housing assistance, healthcare, childhood literacy, and more.


Will you give $180 so more neighbors find 180-degree change? That’s just $15 a month to spark lasting change in McLean County!