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A vibrant, thriving future is possible for McLean County and its residents.

We fully believe that. This vision shapes our innovative approach that tackles the barriers to prosperity and well-being. Life-changing turnarounds are possible when McLean County residents can access resources and opportunities.

We Initiate change

With your support, we can spark 180-degree change for adults, youth, and children through three key efforts:

Pathways to Prosperity
for a thriving McLean County

Your support funds workforce development opportunities, educational access, mental and emotional health support, and more that directly offset the drivers of poverty.

Community Partnerships
for a network of support

With your support, we build bridges between area service providers by coordinating and convening services to create a network of support for area residents for an exponential impact.

for an innovative mindset

When we partner together, it sparks a united, solutions-based approach that makes a lasting difference for community members and shapes a vibrant future for McLean County.

We Close the Gaps

Our community has dozens of excellent and needed resources for residents who are struggling. But there are gaps between these services that exasperate their struggles.


With almost 100 years of experience in rallying community response to local needs, United Way of McLean County has a prime vantage point. We see the entire landscape of support services—and the gaps.

By coordinating and convening support between agencies, we ensure residents no longer fall through the gaps as they find support to overcome obstacles.

We do what works

Our role historically has been funding the good work of local service providers. But after the support landscape changed, United Way of McLean County needed to shift gears to embrace a 180-degree change in our approach. It started with a commitment to do what works, rather than doing what we’ve always done. We commited to responding quickly to community needs by shifting resources to the initiatives that solve problems at the root.

Residents find the support they need, right when they need it, to pursue and secure their own stability and prosperity.

We keep it personal, local, and accessible.

The residents in McLean County who are falling through the service gaps and struggling financially are not unknown. They are neighbors next door, people we pass on the way to work, families we see at the park on the weekends. Our work is innately personal—and you are part of the solution!


The beauty of partnering with United Way of McLean County is seeing the impact and change in our local area. Working together to open pathways to prosperity infuses our local economy with funds and energy. And that benefits our schools, businesses, infrastructure, parks, beautification projects, and more.


When community members are struggling, they need easy access to help and support. By partnering with United Way of McLean County, you make our vast community resources more accessible by deploying services where needed and in ways that ease burdens and remove barriers. Flexible, innovative, and targeted solutions are key for achieving our mission.