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Mobile Medical Unit

Making healthcare accessible by taking it directly to residents.

Everyone deserves quality healthcare.

Good health is easier to maintain when you have easy, regular access to medical professionals and wellness checks. But many residents in McLean County face barriers to healthcare that exacerbate medical conditions.


But now, thanks to your partnership, healthcare is going straight to those who need it via a mobile healthcare clinic.


The new unit was commissioned by Carle Health at a celebration ceremony on August 16, 2023.


It’s a prime example of how our Community Partnerships work. Thank you for investing

to make solutions like this available for neighbors across our county!


The Mobile Medical Unit breaks down barriers to healthcare


Launched in August 2023, the Mobile Medical Unit is just starting its rounds! We cannot wait to see how lives are improved when barriers to healthcare are removed.


Patients Seen To-Date


School Physicals for Kids


Social Work Referrals

Let's Make Healthcare Accessible



United Way coordinated and convened the partnership between Carle Health, the City of Bloomington, the Laborers International Union of North America (LiUNA), Tinervin Family Foundation, and the Town of Normal.


Gifts from each partner, as well as $150,000 from United Way donors like you, funded the $750,000 unit. After more than a year of construction, the unit was delivered to Carle BroMenn to begin its first rounds of care in fall of 2023.


This Mobile Medical Unit makes healthcare accessible: taking healthcare directly to residents who need it most.

You can help even more residents in McLean County overcome healthcare barriers.