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Providing teens with a network of mental health support.

Roland is back on track


180-degree change


Research shows that teens are under tremendous amounts of pressure. The constant struggle weighs on the nervous system, causing anxiety and stress to spike. That’s exactly what happened to Roland*. His struggles were so severe, he was constantly in the nurse’s office — which is understandable, but missing class only made the situation worse. He was falling behind academically, which added to the turmoil.


Through our ThriveMind initiative, Roland began regular counseling sessions with a therapist at Carle BroMenn. The support helped Roland learn how to better manage the stress. Faculty and teachers have observed that Roland is more energetic and outgoing and is regularly in class, due to therapy.


The change in Roland is obvious and incredible, with long-lasting impact. Not only is he free from debilitating stress today, but he is also able to concentrate in school. His academic future is on-track thanks to the network of mental health support from ThriveMind.


*Name has been changed to protect student privacy.

Let’s Be A Support Network For Teens



Teens in our community have potential for academic success that leads to a stable career and a self-sufficient future. But they are also dealing with mental and emotional struggles that put their future at risk.


It’s a collaboration with Carle BroMenn Behavioral Health Counseling and the Lexington, Olympia, Ridgeview, and LeRoy school districts. Students are matched with Carle BroMenn therapists. Therapy fees are 100% covered through the ThriveMind initiative, made possible by United Way of McLean County donors.


Because of friends like you who partner with us, at-risk students receive the support they may not otherwise be able to afford or have access to.


Measuring 180-degree change

ThriveMind helps teens overcome mental health challenges for long-term success


Launched in 2022, ThriveMind is our direct response to the pervasive teen mental health crisis. The best part: it’s working. Students are gaining mental resilience and emotional strength. Both parents and teachers are seeing the difference firsthand.


“Our students and their parents are seeing how this is helping and they are making these appointments a priority in their weekly schedules. They see success happening in their homes as well.”

— Paul Deters, Superintendent, Lexington School District

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You can help even more teens in McLean County develop mental strength for future success