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48 IN 48 Introduction

Seasons greetings!  I hope your holiday shopping is done.  As I was wrapping presents recently, I realized how absolutely awful I am at that aspect of the season.  What would get wrapped with 3 pieces of tape and crisp, smooth holiday wrapping by an expert, looks like something passable, but rough, with about 20 pieces of tape and many creases and wrinkles.


It got me thinking that sometimes, there are things we’re good at individually or as an organization, and then there are things we just need an expert to help us with.  Sometimes, we’ve got areas we can use that expert assistance so we don’t use all the tape and mess up all the paper.


I’m not sure if you’re like me at this time of year with this or if you also find yourself looking at the past year, as well as looking ahead.  It’s a time to reminisce and plan ahead.  We’ve made some great strides this year at United Way, and we’ve got some exciting things on tap for 2018!


Did you know United Way of McLean County’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program helped to generate more than $1,500,000 in income tax refunds for local residents in 2017?  Our program over the last several years helps connect expert tax help with low-income residents.


This is just one example of the type of work we do that benefits our community.  United Way is more than just fundraising.  It’s impact!


One of our 3 Strategic Priorities is “Convening and Coordinating Resources”.  I’m excited to announce something in 2018 that will accomplish this in a way that will have far-reaching impacts on local non-profits.


Have you heard of a “Hack-a-Thon”?  It’s where a company that’s created software or perhaps a website, tool, or app asks employees to try to “break it” to see if it’s ready to go.


Well, I’m pleased to introduce:



What is 48 in 48?  Well, for starters, you can learn more about it with this link.


The short answer is, this is a “reverse Hack-a-Thon”.  In 48 hours, volunteers will build 48 websites for 48 local non-profits.  Imagine the impact this can create, how it can benefit non-profits and the clients they serve.


Technology is constantly changing and for many local non-profits, keeping their websites looking fresh (less tape, smooth crisp paper) can become as challenging as me wrapping presents.


Many of you probably volunteer for or have connections with local non-profits, and an updated website is frequently on the “wish list” for these organizations.  At United Way, we strive to bring together expert help in ways that help individuals, families, and our local non-profits.


Know a non-profit in McLean County that could benefit from this event?  Send them the link below to get started on their application.


Happy Holidays to all of you, and wish me luck with getting the rest of my daughter’s presents wrapped!