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Healthcare Access Is a Warm Welcome to Our Community

Moving to a new community is never easy, but it’s all the more complicated for families who have immigrated. One family had been in the States just three days and found much-needed support at the McLean Mobile Health Clinic. The mobile unit was launched last year via a community partnership convened by United Way of McLean County.


This family came to the clinic with all their health records, but everything was in Spanish. With a multi-lingual nurse onboard, all the documents were translated to add their records into the Carle electronic medical record system. The children then received their school physicals and required immunizations. Meanwhile, a social worker began their applications for Medicaid and CFAP for full financial coverage, and a doctor placed referrals for the family’s primary care needs.


After two hours, the children were on their way to full health insurance, updated on their required healthcare needs, and enrolled in school. The family will soon return to the mobile clinic for their second round of vaccines and get connected to a primary care office for long-term healthcare.


For this family, the mobile medical unit opened access to an unfamiliar healthcare system, to school eligibility for their children, and to long-term healthcare options. But even more than that, they received a warm welcome to our community.