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ThriveMind Student Spotlight

Study after study reports that teens across the county are in a mental health crisis. We are seeing the reality of it in McLean County too. The 2022 Illinois Youth Survey found that more than one-third of all 8th to 12th grade students have experienced debilitating sadness or hopelessness during that school year.


Our ThriveMind initiative provides area teens with free professional therapeutic services at Carle BroMenn. This network of emotional support helps them thrive personally and academically.


A LeRoy student began counseling services to focus on emotional regulation, coping strategies, feeling identification, and self-esteem. The student’s grades had dropped and peer relationships were strained due to an unwillingness to adapt to socially appropriate norms. Open communication between the student’s teacher and the Carle therapist has greatly aided the student’s care and progression.


Progress was evident after eight months of therapy. The student seemed happier and more engaged in

sessions, and more connected to peers and in activities. Academically, the student’s grades had also stabilized. With the support of ThriveMind, this student weathered a challenging season without falling through the cracks.


This is just one student who is on track thanks to your support through United Way of McLean County! Thank you for investing in area teens.