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Improving Housing Stability across the County

When the pandemic was at its height in 2020, it exacerbated the housing demand already unfolding for many neighbors across our county. We knew our commitment to collaboration could help. So we launched the Housing Coalition as a short-term initiative connected to the pandemic’s duration.


While the pandemic has now eased, given the critical need for more affordable housing in McLean County, the Coalition — composed of over 70 housing stability stakeholders such as shelters, social service agencies, schools, government, and faith-based organizations — continues to convene monthly. This work to coordinate housing resources for area residents will continue as long as the need persists.


Our focus this year has been on the development of a new community resource — the Housing Stability Navigator — whose role is to connect residents with available, accessible housing that meets their needs and their budget. Mid Central Community Action hosts this new community resource, and in July hired Janet Hood to fill the role. Janet has been on the job for about 60 days and is already having considerable impact. According to Janet, Mid Central Community Action has completed 10 cases for the first month’s rent with an additional 26 cases currently in progress as customers strive to find available housing options that are within their budget. A majority of the completed cases were working mothers with children, who were often living with family members, in hotels, or in their vehicles. Of those rehoused, 70% were employed full-time in areas such as healthcare, service industry, retail, and manufacturing, and only 30% of the cases completed thus far were on a fixed income (Social Security or Disability). All customers served are working or have a source of consistent income to ensure continued housing stability. As a community, there are still major challenges to serving vulnerable unhoused community members; the most prominent being lack of affordable workforce housing.


We look forward to sharing more about this support system as it takes shape in the next few months. If you know someone in need of housing support, connect them with the Housing Stability Navigator at 309-834-9201.