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Happy 1st Birthday, ThriveMind!

ThriveMind is only a year old but it’s grown leaps and bounds. We launched it knowing that teens were experiencing mental health challenges and that more support services were needed, especially in our rural school districts throughout the county.


As you know, finding innovative ways to close service gaps is our superpower here at UWMC! So we launched a partnership with Carle BroMenn Behavioral Health Counseling and the Lexington, Olympia, and Ridgeview school districts, and the recently added LeRoy school district. It started with just two students and one therapist. Now a year in, and we’ve served more than 35 high school students from four schools across the county, with four therapists providing essential therapeutic support.


One student receiving counseling through ThriveMind is making tremendous progress. Prior to counseling, this student was constantly in the nurse’s office due to severe anxiety and stress — which is understandable, but missing class only made the situation worse. Faculty and teachers have observed that this student is more energetic and outgoing and is regularly in class, due to therapy support. The change is obvious and incredible.




“Our students and their parents are seeing how this is helping and they are making these appointments a priority in their weekly schedules. They see success happening in their homes as well.”

— Paul Deters, Superintendent, Lexington School District


We are thrilled that area students are experiencing greater mental and emotional health through ThriveMind. And we cannot wait to see what happens in year two!