Workplace Campaigns

Every year United Way of McLean County works with businesses in and around Bloomington-Normal to offer Workplace Campaigns that give employees the opportunity to give back to their community through United Way of McLean County. Not only do these campaigns help the community, but they also give employees a stronger connection to their community and a better awareness of the needs of their neighbors. Many workplace campaigns offer employees and employers different ways to donate that are designed for their individual organizations, to encourage successful campaigns.

Workplace campaigns have been a consistently successful way for employees and employers to get involved in local charitable causes and provide incredible local impact. These campaigns result in significant dollars invested back into the community and benefit our efforts in School Readiness, Behavioral Health, and Workforce Development. Workplace campaigns are not only beneficial to the community but the organizations itself. Employees are given a cause to unite around and build a community bond tied to their employer.

Employees like and appreciate companies that give back to their community. Community-minded studies have shown that the younger generation is looking for different attributes in their potential employers. They have more opportunities for employment and will not settle for companies they find undesirable. Many are more satisfied working at or choose to work at organizations that contribute to the betterment of their community. United Way of McLean County can work with each organization to highlight and prepare a program that is attractive to employees and employers alike.

We can develop flexible campaigns that work with your business. They can be customized to run for a week, a day, or a year if that timeline works best for your organization. We can sit down and discuss campaigns that have done well historically and see what would work for your company.

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