United Way of McLean County improves lives in our communities by bringing together local partners – donors, volunteers, government, non-profits, and businesses – to create sustainable, innovative solutions that address our County’s most pressing human needs.

Over the last several years, profound fundamental changes have altered our community.  The Mitsubishi plant closed, State Farm’s decision on its historic downtown building continues to evolve, and Eastland Mall has seen dramatic shifts in its retailers.  We’ve seen an increase in violence, with a series of shootings and stabbings, many of them involving young people.

No part of our community has escaped these seismic impacts.

In November 2018, United Way announced to the community a strategic focus on youth and families.  With this focus, we have identified three key areas of investment for youth and families:

Our Role

United Way of McLean County makes your donation personal, local, and accessible.

  • To communicate McLean County philanthropy needs, so donors understand and commit to the essential importance of taking care of our own for the long haul.

United Way of McLean County convenes and coordinates resources.

  • To find, generate, and distribute the right resources and local expertise to the right agencies and not-for-profits as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

United Way of Mclean County develops, recruits, and educates donors to channel long-term support for our community human service needs.

Our Work

United Way of McLean County uses existing Community Assessments to:

  • Identify key community issues
  • Align our efforts based on community priorities and existing work to address key issues

United Way of McLean County will convene expert community task forces to:

  • Understand relevant community issues
  • Work with non-biased experts to understand “best practices” that address root causes

United Way of McLean County:

  • Works side-by-side with key stakeholders
  • Engages community members for feedback
  • Identifies strategies to address root causes

United Way of McLean County:

  • Adjusts our role based on the need, which could include serving as:
    • Convener
    • Mobilizer
    • Funder/fundraiser
    • Backbone organization

Our support and your investment can result in a transformative impact locally.